Drake’s Story

Drake's bedroomDrake was our first pregnancy.

Everything was going along great until we reached 38 weeks. At this point, we found out Drake was in the Frank Breech position (butt down). The doctor’s office scheduled our C-Section for 4 days prior to my due date.

Six days before my due date, in the early morning hours on September 7, 2010, labor started. We called the doctor’s office, who had the doctor on duty call us. We were told to wait an hour and call back if we were still in labor. Then 45 minutes later, the water broke and his feet came out. We called 911.

When the EMTs arrived Drake was out to his ribcage and with their help we tried to finish delivering him, but we were only able to get his shoulders out. Unable to get his head out, we were taken to the ambulance and then to the hospital where we were able to finally finish delivering him. Drake was born September 7, 2010 at 3:29am.

Drake on life supportDrake spent 12 days in the NICU at Gwinnett Medical Center. He had multiple tests. The doctors told us that he would never breathe on his own and we could choose to pull him off life support or leave him on, but we were told that with his injuries, he would likely only live a couple of months on life support.  We were told that there is no classification for brain death under the age of 2, but that was what we were looking at. His brain would not tell his body to breathe.

So we made the difficult decision to pull him from life support 12 days, 12 hours after he was born. Drake passed away in our arms 4 hours later.

We created this Foundation so that although Drake’s life was short, his spirit would live on through the families we help.